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Wine Ingredients

Massive range of Wine Ingredient Kits now in stock. 5, 7, 21, 28, and 42 day quality kits. Special promotion deals on the new Advintage kits from Canada at fantastic prices.

Make Italian Amarone for about a tenth of supermarket prices.

Or try our top of the range kits: KFS. Unless you are have paid a fortune for wines in a store, chances are you will make a better quality wine than you have ever tasted. For a couple of pounds a bottle!

Or start out with Cantina wines, ready in just 5 days from less than pound a bottle, one the UKs best selling wine kits!

Or go for something in between, like an Advintage Moments.

Bringing real value and quality wines to home winemakers.

Best value UK homebrew store, by a linear mile.

Order 3 Australian Blend 7 Day Wine Kits and we'll throw in a free bottle tree.

Order 3 Bulldog Brews Premium Beer Kits and we'll throw in a free bottle rinser that fits on top of the tree.


Homebrewing technology has been transformed over the last decade: its now possible to make quality wines and beers at a fraction of the price of shop bought equivalents. Our mission is to show you how to do it successfully, and easily.

Beer ingredient kits require additional fermentables: brewing sugar, spraymalt, LME, carbonation drops. Our ingredient kit "bundles" offer fantastic value in terms of the total cost to make a beer kit. And they empower you to make beer the way the manufacturers intended you to.

FREE shipping by courier regardless of weight on orders above £65 (UK mainland only). On smaller orders, only £4.95 regardless of weight.

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We continue to offer superb pricing on beer fermentables (brewing sugar, spraymalt, LME, carbonation drops), on beer kits (Coopers, Muntons, Woodfordes, Bards) and on wine kits too (Cantina, Advintage Moments 8.1 Liters Concentrate, Magnum, Magnum Untimate, DOCs, Australian Style, Advintage Celebration del Mondo 16 Liter Concentrate, Bards Grape Blends 7-Day Kits, Magnum 14-Day Wine Kits).

With over 2000 homebrew products in stock, we are one of the largest, best value, and most innovative home brew stores in the British Isles. We continue to introduce revolutionary new homebrew products, like Ox-Bar PET bottles (Coopers Ox-Bar 24 500ml PET Bottles, better than glass bottles), to enable you to make perfect beers, wines, spirits, and liqueurs. And new technologies to make home brewing easier, like BIB so that you no longer have to bottle Cantina wines (Bag-In-Box (BIB) Bag 5 Litres, For Use With A Cantina Wine Box). All of our own brand starter kits (BrewSmarter) now ship with top quality glass trial jars (when available), or transparent plastic trial jars, and Stevenson Reeves hydrometers. When you shop with us, you know you are getting great value on ALL homebrew products.

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Popular Products
1.7 Kg Coopers 40 Pint Beer Kits, most popular Top quality kits at great prices. Bundle options allow you to make these kits the way Coopers intended you to, at unbeatable prices.
 Coopers International Canadian            Blonde 1.7 Kg Coopers DIY Beer Kit NEW (with VWP Sterilizer) now now shipping with VWP sterilizer and  the Oxygen Barrier PET bottles. By far the most popular homebrew beer starter kit in the world.