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Wine Ingredients

Massive range of Wine Ingredient Kits now in stock. 5, 7, 21, 28, and 42 day quality kits. Special promotion deals on the new Advintage kits from Canada at fantastic prices.

Make Italian Amarone for about a tenth of supermarket prices.

Or try our top of the range kits: KFS. Unless you are have paid a fortune for wines in a store, chances are you will make a better quality wine than you have ever tasted. For a couple of pounds a bottle!

Or start out with Cantina wines, ready in just 5 days from less than pound a bottle, one the UKs best selling wine kits!

Or go for something in between, like an Advintage Moments.

Bringing real value and quality wines to home winemakers.

At BrewSmarter, we have a simple philisophy: we want to bring a new level of quality and value to home brewers in the UK.

Quality is enhanced by brewing "smarter", using new equipment technologies that deliver better results every time. And by promoting beer kit ranges, quality wine kit ranges, and the best fermentables to go with them.

Value: we believe we are by far the best value store in the UK. Let us know if you find otherwise by emailing:

BrewSmarter is the UK arm of HomeBrewWest, Unit 21, Liosban Industrial Estate, Galway, Ireland. We supply homebrew goods all over Europe and Scandanavia, and are one of the largest online homebrew retailers in Europe.

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Popular Products
1.7 Kg Coopers 40 Pint Beer Kits, most popular Top quality kits at great prices. Bundle options allow you to make these kits the way Coopers intended you to, at unbeatable prices.
 Coopers International Canadian            Blonde 1.7 Kg Coopers DIY Beer Kit NEW (with VWP Sterilizer) now now shipping with VWP sterilizer and  the Oxygen Barrier PET bottles. By far the most popular homebrew beer starter kit in the world.