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Grain, Hops, Brewferm Extract

Brewferm Belgian extract kits, Brewferm all grains kits, grains, and hops.

The kits are not cheap, but produce beers of up to 9.0% ABV. We figure that only the Belgians really know how to do this!

Clear instructions on how to make an extract kit can be found here:

and instructions on how to make an all grain kit can be found here:
you will need a grain mill for the all grain kits as the grains supplied are whole (not crushed).

Wide range of new grains, hops, and hop pellets. Grains are whole for freshness, so we have provided a low cost grain mill.

Loose hops are vacuum packed in true aluminium foil packs (not clear plastic), and are stored here at 5 oC. Lots of new loose hops, and new pellet hops.

Also lots of new yeasts including Brewferm, Mauribrew, and Fermentis: see the Ingredients section.

UK mainland: £6.50
FREE delivery on orders over £65 (UK only).

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