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Massive range of Wine Ingredient Kits now in stock. 5, 7, 21, 28, and 42 day quality kits.

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Australian Blend 7 Day New World Style Wine Kits are our best selliong kits, particularly the Pinot Grigio.

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Australian Blend Chardonnay With Wood Chip Mix

Australian Blend Chardonnay With Wood Chip Mix
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Australian Blend Chardonnay 7 Day White Wine Kit 23 Litres
As per the basic kit, but this one comes with a complex wood chip mix which accelerates the aging process producing a great wine in as little as 10 days. We've been working with customers and the manufacturers for months to perfect this wood chip mix.

Proceed as follows:
Boil two mugs of water in a pot, add the wood chips and simmer for 10 minutes. Proceed as per the normal wine kit instructions, adding the complete pot contents (i.e. water plus wood chips) to the fermenter just after you add the grape concentrate. After a few days in the bottle, the wine will be much better than the normal kit.

Alternatively for a much better quality 2 week kit, proceed as follows:

Day 1:
- sterilize equipment
- cover oak chip mix with boiling water and simmer for 10 minutes
- pour grape juice mix into fermenter
- add oak chips and hot water to fermenter
- add hot and cold water to 23 litres at 20 to 24 oC
- add yeast (sachet no. 1) and mix well
- secure lid and quarter fill the airlock
- ferment for 2 weeks in a dark area at 18 to 21 oC (cover fermenter with blanket if required)

Day 12:
- fill trial jar and take hydrometer reading
- repeat daily until reading is below 1.000 and stable for 3 daily readings

Day 14:
- sterilize equipment
- connect tubing to tap and move wine to second fermenter minimizing any spashing, leaving yeast and oak sediment behind
- add stabilizer and finings A (sachets no. 2 and no. 3)
- attach degasser to drill and thorougly stir to remove carbon dioxide, repeat several times with 10 minute breaks
- let it settle for 4 hours and then gently stir in finings B (sachets no. 4)

Day 15:
- 24 hours later, wine should be clear
- if not, leave for 24 hours and check again
- when wine falls clear, sterilize bottle filling stick, bottles and caps / corks
- attach bottle filling stick to tap and bottle the wine


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